In 2003, while studying art in Southern California, I met and fell in love with a boy in a rock band. We craved the simple life and moved to my hometown of San Jose, CA in 2010 and married each other that fall.  We bought a little house in a little neighborhood and brought our newest love, our daughter Eloise, home in October of 2012 and then our son, Tate, in October of 2014. Come this October we will be welcoming baby #3! I have been documenting things with my camera for as long as I can remember and would love to share a little of that with you.

a little bit of love

The memory is a magical thing. Moments, fragments of your existence are stored within memories. Simple days, simple things, important days, important things. Things you will never see again in exactly the same way. The memory can fool you. It can alter, embellish, delete. It's able to edit and rewrite- leaving you with just a glimpse of an experience. I aim to explore as many of these memories for my clients as I can. Nostalgia has always been something that I have embraced and fixated on in my work. The idea that I can capture a moment of your lives for you to revisit time and time again drives my artful mind. Time passes quickly as you grow and each photograph will hopefully serve as a porthole to your past. 

All portrait sessions are $1000. Sessions are about 2 hours long, booked at the location of your dreams and yield around 150 final images. Would love to document some memories for you.

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