Studio Sessions - Holiday Mini Session Wrap Up

Oh my- 

Maternity leave is nearing an end and while I miss my camera and my clients life is pretty crazy around here and Eloise and Tate are both keeping me very busy! I am looking forward to sharing a post about Tate's delivery very soon as I always LOVE reading labor recaps when I am pregnant but I'd love to just start throwing some new work up on this blog to get things moving again so without further ado- here are some highlight images from my studio mini-session day back in October. 

This was my last weekend of working before Tate was born and I was very very pregnant. Seems already like a lifetime ago!

Studios sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to document children. They are able to play in a contained space and the natural light and white background just compliments their innocence so well- outdoors is fun too but the studio is so clean and bright that I think it leaves the subjects really shining. Thinking of doing another marathon portrait day here soon- any interest? Mothers day, perhaps??

Lets just start off with two quick shots of my newest little love, Tate Aaron- 3 months and the happiest yummiest little guy I know. I am smitten!