Tate grew.. and he grew and he grew and he grew...

Tate is the second born.

I had a shot of my belly growing every single Sunday for 9 months while Eloise grew in my tummy but aside from a handful of iphone snaps (and a BEAUTIFUL formal session I did with Eloise) these four photos are the only formal belly shots I personally did with Tate in my tummy. I had a plan to take one each month but life got in the way of that- half way through Tate's pregnancy we tore apart our bedroom to build a new one and this spot became impossible to use due to the fact that the bed was jammed against the wall and there was no more view into the mirror. 

I refuse to beat myself up about it because while I wasn't taking these shots I was living life and enjoying the time we had left as a threesome and thank goodness Tate is a boy and I doubt he'll have any major complex about lack of tummy documentation. No guilt aside, I love these so much. They were all done in the afternoon post nap hours and my hair looks a mess and often Tim would get home from work right as I was trying to do them and rile Eloise up- which at the time drove me crazy but now when I see these the crazy toddler that is there is 100% my girl. 

However much, however little... Document your life!