Trying a few new things this year. One of them is call a year in the life. Here's the deal. 

THIS right here : THIS is the good stuff. Look at her grow, mama!!!

But - I get it. Three full sessions is a lot to budget for - and if you've got other kids .. it might start feeling a little excessive ... so this year, if you book a full newborn session with me ($900) then I am opening up the opportunity to book a package of 3 mini sessions at the price of ($375 per session) so a total price of $1,125 to see me three more times to document babies growth. Each mini session is 45 minutes and yields about 25 final images. 


FULL NEWBORN SESSION + 3 MINI SESSIONS to be used within babies first year

$2,025 + tax

There is no year like that first year - it truly goes by so so so fast. Let's document it!