Adventures in Food - 9 month old


Far Left: cubed butternut squash, toasted sprouted wheat bread with hummus, and a handful of puffs

Middle Left: greek yogurt, peaches, and blueberries

Middle Right: beet berry smoothie, rice pasta, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini fries

Far Right: raspberries, blue berries, puffs

Eating has never been a challenge for our little Eloise. We definitely had our share of breastfeeding problems early on which I am planning on talking about soon but as soon as this little girl figured out what actual food was there has been no stopping her. At first, when we were doing purees, I found it easy to introduce new things for her to eat every four days and was really enjoying combining food and steaming whatever was fresh at the farmers market that week. There was no stopping that pincher grasp though and soon it became pretty obvious that she was ready to graduate up to some finger foods. I had no idea where to start! Naturally, I turned to pinterest for some appropriate ideas. Happy to report we've had no choking issues and she's yet to refuse anything!

What are you guys feeding your 9  month old?