Baby David - Day 1

There really isn't anything more special in life that the first few days (or hours!) with your new little human. This little person you carried around inside of you for the better part of a year has finally made his/her debut and you are just started to memorize their face, their sounds, their habits. Davida and Paul are such dear clients of mine and I really couldn't have been more excited to visit them the day after their little David came into the world to photograph some of his first moments with his mama and dada. If you are delivering soon, consider having a photographer come to the hospital to capture this time- I did, and the images are some I will cherish forever. Sure, you look a mess, you're exhausted, you're stuck to your bed with an IV in your arm but you are beautiful- you are a Mother! I call them Day 1 sessions-

If you are delivering at Good Samaritan, El Camino Los Gatos, Kaiser Santa Clara, or O'Connor and are interested in images like these- shoot me a note! (If you are delivering outside of the south bay and are interested, let me know, there are additional charges.) The sessions are short (duh you're exhausted) but the images are really priceless.

On to Little David.... xoxo

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