Bay Area Lifestyle Newborn Photographer - Little Baby Charlotte


Oh sweet Charlotte... you are a dream.

When I started up Little Meg I really had no idea how much I would truly enjoy these sessions. What happens when you shoot weddings for years is that the majority of your clients follow up with a new baby- you know how the dream goes. So over the past 10 years or so I had sort of unintentionally created a collection of maternity and newborn photographs. I had no idea how they would all look together as a portfolio and I had zero idea if these were shoots I'd want to focus on doing, so launching was something new and unknown for me. I can honestly say it's refreshed my creative brain in ways I had feared weren't possible. It's easy to forget that I am blessed to make a living with my art .. it's easy to feel as though you've hit a wall in the creative process, gotten too comfortable, too safe. It's easy for the day in and day out mundanity of running a business to get you down- to drain all the creative juice you try so hard to cultivate. These sessions make me all kinds of nervous... I prep for them the way I used to when I was first starting weddings- visualization and packing and repacking gear to make sure nothing can go wrong. Weddings are unpredictable but babies- babies are a whole 'nother ball game of unpredictability. It feels wonderful to grow again- to get home and page through my images and think, "wow! okay.. I did ok... whew" It's challenging and so rewarding and I'm so thankful that people are responding well, trusting me, and allowing me to grow.


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