Eloise in Sacramento

  Late last month I packed up the car to the gills and my Mom and I hit the road for Sacramento with a napping Eloise for the weekend. We left Husband at home for some much needed man time and enjoyed some girl time with Auntie Nan and Auntie Emma.

Little Eloise had a great time in the garden and at the river... seeing my daughter enjoy nature and start to experience life in human ways is too beautiful for words. Most days I wish I could just record each and every second and play it back over and over. When I watch her discover things for the first time my purpose on this earth is so clear and my heart is so full it's impossible to put in words. Taking Eloise to Sacramento to visit her Aunts and Uncles will be a tradition she'll remember and hopefully a home away from home. This little angel has so many places in the world where she will find love. I can only hope one day, we'll be sitting in my Aunts backyard sipping coffee together while Eloise shares her opinions and thoughts with us.

This trip marked the end of summer and when we returned fall was creeping into our home. Leaves have begun to fall in our backyard and the winds are certainly changing. I can remember last year, ripe with pregnancy, both excited and terrified for what the new year would bring. Now- with the first year of parenthood coming close to an end I can only see more moments of happiness. Her birthday. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. The fall has taken on a new life for us.

This life is the best life.


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