Little Miss Riley goes home!

I don’t entirely know how to start this post. Riley has been home for a few weeks now but the richness and importance of this day still remains so fresh in my heart. The day I found out Riley had a functioning immune system was so similar to the day I found out she was missing one that I had to laugh. Alissa called and in a muffled tear filled voice said, “Riley is functioning.” Except, through her tears and the fogginess of a cell phone connection I couldn’t hear her and my brain immediately went to the worst. “I can’t hear you… what, Alissa, what??” “Riley is functioning!” Relief. The same heart pounding chills I got when she told me Riley was being admitted now were full of sweet relief! Documenting these last moments of Riley’s stay at UCSF was second to none- it was so wonderful to witness the love and support the nurses there showed Riley and how excited everyone was for Riley to ring the bell of freedom! These images are what make photography so powerful.. its such an honor to be able to use my camera in these ways. Riley’s journey with SCID will never quite be over but she is officially functioning and much much safer than she’s ever been. She is the biggest trooper I know and so her is her family. So happy you are home safe and sound and enjoying life with your sister finally Miss Riley! Continue to follow her journey here.



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