Little Neiva and her big sister Ilee

  Oh little Neiva.

She is just the most precious little thing I've ever seen! When I photographed her big sister Ilee as a newborn a few years ago we didn't get a shoot scheduled until she was already a few months old so this time we were all determined to get me to Santa Cruz during the first few weeks for those sleepy floppy newborn shots. Miss Neiva clearly had her own plans- little miss had a bit of a rough start in the breathing area and had to spend some time getting some tests and flirting with nurses at Stanford instead of snoozing in her bassinet safe at home. Try as we might, those brand new baby shots just weren't in the cards, but thankfully she was the receiver of her own little miracle and managed to come home with zero residual problems and we documented her in her own cozy environment.

When I first moved up to the Bay Area, Erin believed in my work. She has always been a pillar of support and photographing her and Leti's growing family is an honor. Here's to many more shared photographic memories, love!!



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