October 22, 2012 - Eloise Eve

You once were so little. I was prepping images for a post on her 1st birthday party and thought I might preface that post with these beautiful images my dear friend Emily took of our family that mean more to me than anything. Weighing in at 6lbs 5oz our little love made, all things considered, a quick entrance into this world. After two contractions, at home in bed, my water broke while I was attempting to fall asleep. Seven hours later (and a whole lot of character building experience) I was holding her in my arms. These photos were taken hours after she arrived, surrounded by family, I am swollen with fluids and Tim is exhausted, but never have I loved images of myself (or my husband) more. We were instantly hooked on this little girl and the change she has brought to our lives has been the most amazing thing. It's lovely to look at these today because I see so much of her current features in there...  I can honestly say, although some are harder than others, I am happy every damn day because of her little face. Thanks Em, for these. Soon you'll know what it all means. xoxo

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