You & Yours : A workshop for parents



Being armed with a better knowledge of how your camera works and how to find the best light will ensure your everyday images of your kids candid moments will be taken with style.  Learn how to capture classic images of your little ones by improving composition, identifying ideal light and harnessing the full potential of your camera. 

WHO: Mom's and/or Dad's who own a digital SLR, value the art and sentiment of photography, and want to learn how to take better everyday photographs of their children. *This workshop is not geared towards professionals or someone wanting to become a professional- perhaps a workshop for you might be in the works so stay tuned.* 

WHERE: History Park, San Jose | 1650 Senter Rd  San Jose, CA 95112

WHEN: Sunday, September 29th, 2013 from 9AM-1PM

WHAT YOU NEED: A digital SLR camera (you can remove the lens!) - I recommend coming with either a 50mm 1.2 or a 35mm 1.2 or something equivalent. Check out to rent one for the weekend! Bring your laptop/card reader so we can review what you captured! There won't be any power so make sure everything comes fully charged.

WHATS INCLUDED: AM coffee and bagels, lots of info, laughs, some dolls for practicing on a non-moving subject, some models for chasing your subjects around, unlimited question and answers, snacks and light lunch items, private access to a facebook group where we can all converse and share tips post workshop.

HOW MUCH?: $155/person *$10/off for each person you refer