Welcome baby Vivienne!

Nothing can prepare you for the chaos that is adding a second child to your life. Just when you get the hang of the first one you go back to square one and have to figure everything out again- it can be equal parts scary and amazing and it sure is a wild ride. 

When people contact me for newborn sessions that include an older sibling around the age of 2 it takes so much self-control not to say, "Don't look at Pinterest!" I know I am good at what I do and I am actually really good with kids in general but some two year olds get the memo that they are expected to behave a certain way and decide to go the opposite direction. The best way to achieve photos of your little kiddos together is to have zero expectations and let me take the lead. Nothing says misbehave like mama begging for good behavior! 

Beautiful big sister Olivia did such a wonderful job planting soft kisses on her new baby Vivienne and I couldn't be more happy with the gems we were able to capture of the two of them. Mom and Dad don't look so bad either... :) 

Introducing the lovely Viv... xoxo